Program of the COST 869 WG1 meeting in Hamar, Norway, May 2007

n.a. = no abstract available; abs = abstract; pdf = pdf-version of presentation or poster

Abstract - pdf Country - First author / Title
* * * * * * * * * Excursion Wednesday 23 May
n.a. - pdf NO - Hugh Riley
Introduction to Lake Mjøsa
n.a. - pdf NO - Ragnar Eltun
Presentation of Bioforsk Arable Crops Division
n.a. - pdf NO - Audun Korsæth
Precision agriculture from an environmental point of view
n.a. - pdf NO - Audun Korsæth
The long-term Apelsvoll cropping system experiment
n.a. - pdf NO - Marianne Bechmann
Presentation of The National Agricultural Environmental Monitoring Programme
n.a. - pdf NO - Hugh Riley
The Kolstad catchment
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations Thursday 24 May
n.a. - pdf NO - Nils Vagstad
Welcome - Norway and The Cost-action
n.a. - pdf UK - Louise Heathwaite
Introduction to the concept of critical source areas
abs - pdf NL - Caroline van der Salm
Approaches to identify critical source areas in the Netherlands
n.a. - pdf DK - Hans Estrup Andersen
Mapping high risk areas for P losses to waters in Denmark
n.a. - pdf Australia - Jim Cox
Approaches to nutrient measurement, modelling and prediction in Australia
abs - pdf GR - Nikolaos Skoulikidis
Nutrient loads and sources in Greek running waters – An overview
abs - pdf CH - Christian Stamm
Overview on approaches to predict contributing areas in Switzerland
abs - pdf GE - Michael Trepel & Gregor Ollesch
Quantification of nutrient loads and identification of source areas at different scales – the German experiences
abs - pdf ES - Antonio Delgado
Quantification of P losses in two different agricultural systems in South Spain
n.a. - pdf AU - Peter Strauss
Hydrological and economical effectiveness of methods to reduce watershed nutrient loading – An Austrian case study
n.a. - pdf NL - Oscar Schoumans
Mitigation options - how to deal with critical source areas
n.a. - pdf NL - Wim Chardon
The COST869 Action
abs - ppt HU - Tamas Nemeth
Mapping vulnerability of soils to nitrate leaching at different scales, using different models
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations Friday 25 May
abs - pdf CH - Martin Frey
Spatial prediction of contributing areas for diffuse pollution losses to surface waters – a case study for herbicides
n.a. - pdf UK - Trevor Page
Uncertainty and conceptual understanding of P loss processes
abs - pdf FR - Dominique Trevisan
Phosphorus transfer and farming systems in the Lake Leman watershed, France
abs - pdf SK - Jaroslav Antal
Retrospective modelling of the water movement in the soil profile; probably possible tool for nutrient content reduction in the groundwater
abs - pdf SE - Barbro Ulén
Critical incidences of unbalanced nutrient leaching from crop rotations
abs - pdf IL - Iggy Litaor
Nutrients mobilization in an altered wetland: a case study of coupling groundwater principles with the Concept of Critical Source Areas
abs - pdf SL - Janez Hacin
Effect of soil properties and land use on P budget in the fens of Ljubljana marsh, Slovenia
abs - pdf FI - Katri Rankinen
Development of farm-based N-leaching and N balance in 2000-2005 as estimated by COUPmodel and field data
abs - pdf NO - Marianne Bechmann
Integrated risk assessment of N and P losses in Norway
n.a. - pdf UK - Adrian Collins
The identification of P hotspots and pathways using the PSYCHIC policy support tool
* * * * * * * * * Poster presentations (alphabetic order)
abs - pdf RO - M. Dumitru
Some aspects on identification of areas vulnerable to nitrate pollution in Romania
abs - pdf IT - Monica Garnier
Monitoring agricultural phosphorous and nitrogen export into a lake in Central Italy
abs - pdf PL - Leszek Hejduk
Phosphorus concentration changes in lowland river (Central Poland)
abs - pdf DE - Irina Kistner
Identification of variable P-source areas at the catchment scale with a deterministic model approach
abs - pdf BE - Joost Salomez
Delineation of critical source areas in Flanders
abs - pdf UK - Charles Shand
Predicting the potential for P-loss using soil samples from the national soil archive of Schotland
abs - pdf FI - Helena Soinne
Extraction tests in predicting potential phosphorus load from pasture soil
abs - pdf AU - Barbara Staudinger
Estimation of phosphorus input into an oligotrophic alpine lake in Austria
abs - pdf IT - Laura Zavattaro
Nutrient budget as an indicator of diffuse load at the regional scale in Italy
abs - pdf IT - Laura Zavattaro
Water-borne nitrogen and phosphorous in an intensively-cropped plain catchment in Italy