Program of the COST 869 WG2 meeting in Athens, Greece, 17-19 September 2008

n.a. = no abstract or pdf available yet; abs = abstract; pdf = pdf-version of presentation or poster

Abstract - pdf First or presenting author - Country / Title
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations Wednesday 17 September
abs - pdf Wim Chardon - NL
A short introduction to COST 869, WG2 and factsheets, and topics for this workshop
abs - pdf Ken Irvine - IE
Testing the applicability of the Redfield ratios across taxa and water bodies
abs - pdf Penny Johnes - UK
The role of N as a limit to primary production in European waters – perspectives from the European Nitrogen Assessment
abs - pdf Maria Khalili - SE
Variations and spurious correlations related to DIN, DIP, TN, TN, DIN/DIP and TN/TP in lakes, rivers and marine systems
abs - pdf Jean-Marcel Dorioz - FR
Nutrient limitations in French coastal and lake ecosystems: variability, assessment, emerging issues related to bio-availability of particulate P
n.a. - pdf Kalliopi Pagou - GR
The impact of N/P ratio shifts on phytoplankton structure and biomass in two Greek gulfs influenced by anthropogenic activities
abs - pdf Petri Ekholm - FI
Sediment mineralization processes and N vs. P limitation in the Baltic Sea
abs - pdf Vera Istvánovics - HU
Seasonal and long-term trends in phytoplankton as a function of P and N loads in shallow Lake Balaton
abs - pdf Kirsikka Niemi - FI
Influence of catchment characteristics and lake factors on P and N in Finnish Lakes
abs - pdf Roos Loeb - NL
Processes determining limitation in aquatic systems

* * * * * * * * *

Oral presentations Thursday 18 September
abs - pdf Wim Chardon - NL
Factsheets of mitigation options – Introduction about database
n.a. - pdf Jeroen de Klein - NL
Trends in N/P ratios and limitations in Dutch surface waters
abs - pdf Josef Hejzlar - CZ
Occurrence of cyanobacteria in stratified reservoirs with different values of N/P ratio in water within the Czech Republic
abs - pdf Nikos Skoulikidis - GR
Nutrient ratios in surface freshwaters of the Balkans and possible controlling factors
abs - pdf Thomas Hein - AT
Effect of changing hydrology on nutrient availability and primary production in riverine landscapes
abs - pdf Gregor Ollesch - DE
Spatial and temporal variations in TP-phytoplankton relation of German rivers and consequences for the implementation of the WFD

* * * * * * * * *

Posters presented Thursday 18 September
abs - pdf Anita Pätynen - FI
Estimating critical phosphorus and nitrogen loading for good water quality in Finnish lakes with the model tool LLR
abs - pdf Kazimieras Gaigalis - LT
Impact of climatic, hydrological and hydrochemical factors on benthos of the stream Graisupis
abs - pdf Deborrah Ballantine - NZ
Nutrient inputs to the Serpentine Lakes Complex
abs - pdf Leszek Hejduk - PL
N/P ratio in selected Polish rivers