Program of the 6th International Phosphorus Workshop and the Workshop of WG1 of COST 869
Seville, Spain, 26 September - 1 October 2010

Click here for a list of 20 papers that were published in a special issue, Suppl. 1, 2013, of the journal Soil Use and Management as an outcome of the meeting. The list contains links to the papers themselves, which are Open Access.

The meeting was organized with sessions on the following topics; (click on oral or poster for a link to presentations within these sessions):

oral - xxxxx - General keynotes
oral - xxxxx - Global phosphorus flows
oral - poster - Phosphorus dynamics and cycling
oral - poster - Phosphorus in water bodies
oral - poster - Phosphorus mobilization and modelling at the field and catchment scales (Joint Session IPW6 - COST 869)
oral - poster - Monitoring phosphorus loss
oral - poster - Mitigation options

n.a. = no abstract or pdf available yet; abs = abstract; pdf = pdf-version of presentation or poster

Abstract - pdf
am/pm before/after lunch
First or presenting author - Country / Title

* * * * * * * * * * * * * General keynote presentations
xxx - pdf - oral - Mo pm Antonio Delgado - Spain
Introduction to keynote speakers
abs - pdf - oral - Mo pm John Ryan - Syria - Keynote presentation
Management of phosphorus in the low-input agricultural systems of the West Asia and North Africa region
abs - pdf - oral - Mo pm Claude Plassard - France - Keynote presentation
Phosphorus bioavailability - nothing but a rhizosphere story
abs - n.a. - oral - Mo pm Jerry Lemunyon - USA - Keynote presentation
Using a field-scale index to assess phosphorus loss from an agricultural environment

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Global phosphorus flows oral
abs - pdf - oral - Tu am Paul Withers - UK - Keynote presentation
Global phosphorus fluxes and the threat to food security
abs - pdf - oral - Tu am Thomas Nesme - France
A modeling approach to estimate P flows and balance at country scale: a case study for France
abs - pdf - oral - Tu am Bert Smit, Jantine van Middelkoop - The Netherlands
Phosphorus flows in the Netherlands: options for a more sustainable use (click here for a report on this topic)
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu am Marc Stutter - UK
An inventory of UK soil phosphorus and the implications for sustainable food production

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Phosphorus dynamics and cycling oral
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu am Emmanuel Frossard - Switzerland - Keynote presentation
Soil organic phosphorus dynamics - pools, actors and processes
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu am Joakim Ahlgren - Sweden
Identification and quantification of organic phosphorus forms in soils from fertility experiments
abs - pdf - oral - Tu am Juan Antelo - Spain
Phosphate and arsenate adsorption on iron mineral surfaces
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu am Jeremy Darilek, Biao Huang - China
Effect of moisture conditions in rice paddies on phosphorus fractionation in agriculture soils of developing regions of China
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu am Sara De Bolle - Belgium
Evolution of the phosphate saturation degree and its distribution with depth in acid sandy soils in Flanders
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Faruk Djodjic - Sweden
Dynamics of easily soluble and plant available phosphorus in relation to soil phosphorus status and fertilization rate
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Ann Kristin Eriksson - Sweden
Phosphorus in agricultural soils around the Baltic Sea - Comparisons of laboratory methods as indices for phosphorus leaching to waters
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Javier Erro - Spain
Development and validation of new fertilizers of high bioavailability and reduced nutrient losses: 'Rhizosphere controlled fertilizers (RCF)'
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Jose Garcia-Mina - Spain
Characterization of organo-metal-phosphate complexes. Development of new superphosphates: organic-complexed superphosphate (CSP)
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Lisa Heiberg - Denmark
Phosphate sorption in anoxic soils - as influenced by the degree of FeIIIoxide reduction
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Peter Leinweber - Germany
Advances in phosphorus speciation in environmental samples by synchrotron-based X-ray Absorption Near-Edge Spectroscopy
abs - pdf - oral - Tu pm Daniel Leitner - Austria
A dynamic model describing phosphate uptake of oilseed rape growing in rhizotrons
abs - pdf - oral - Tu pm Dwi Retno Lukiwati - Indonesia
Production and nutrient uptake improvement of sweet corn by organic-inorganic fertilizers and AMF inoculation
abs - pdf - oral - We pm Dwi Retno Lukiwati - Indonesia
Response of Zea mays to the residual effect of phosphorus fertilizers in latosolic soil
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Eva Oburger - Austria
Effect of pH and soil P content on phosphate solubilization mechanisms by different organic acids in soil
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Malorie Renneson - Belgium
Effect of parent materials and land use on soil phosphorus characteristics in Southern Belgium
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Gitte Rubaek - Denmark
The Olsen soil P test - trends in time, certainty and sources of variation
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Jakob Santner - Austria
Chemical imaging of dissolved phosphorus reveals complex P dynamics in the rhizosphere of Brassica napus
abs - ppt - oral - We pm Federica Tamburini - Switzerland
Oxygen isotopes in phosphate: Can it work in the soil/plant system?
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Noura Ziadi - Canada
Anion exchange resin membranes to assess soil P status following organic and mineral fertilizers in eastern Canada

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Phosphorus dynamics and cycling poster
abs - n.a. - poster M. J. Beltran - Argentina
Availability of phosphorus and its relationship with some micronutrients in a vertic argiudoll in Argentina
abs - n.a. - poster Barbara Cade-Menun - Canada
Phosphorus under long-term and short-term no-till in a wheat-pea rotation with five P fertilization rates
abs - n.a. - poster Julie Campbell, Phil Jordan - Ireland
Comparative soil P changes following nutrient management planning
abs - n.a. - poster Antonio Delgado - Spain
Estimation of critical Olsen P values in reclaimed marsh soils from southwestern Spain
abs - pdf - poster Raniero Della Peruta - Switzerland
Modelling long-term phosphorus and trace metal accumulation in Swiss agricultural soil
abs - n.a. - poster Paolo Demaria, Emmanuel Frossard - Switzerland
Soil properties and phosphorus isotopic exchangeability in agricultural temperate soils
abs - n.a. - poster Ana Maria Dodocioiu, Romulus Mocanu - Romania
The long-term evolution of phosphates from the Cambic Chernozem at Ards Caracal - Romania
abs - n.a. - poster David Fangueiro - Portugal
Effect of slurry acidification on phosphorous fractionation after soil application
abs - n.a. - poster Rita Ferreira, M. Roboredo - Portugal
Evaluation of soil test methods for the estimation of plant available phosphorus in soils derived from volcanic material
abs - n.a. - poster Gyorgy Füleky - Hungary
Recovery of sorbed fertilizer phosphorus by three water extraction methods
abs - pdf - poster Michal Gasiorek - Poland
Phosphorus status in intensively used soils in Krakow
abs - n.a. - poster Camilla Giovannini, Jose M. Garcia-Mina - Italy/Spain
Organic-complexed superphosphate (CSP) and soil biological properties
abs - n.a. - poster Carmo Horta - Portugal
Soil phosphorus evaluation: correlation between the Olsen and ammonium lactate extraction methods in Portuguese acid soils
abs - pdf - poster Carmo Horta - Portugal
Phosphate desorption in Luvisols and Solonetz from a Mediterranean region
abs - n.a. - poster Lars Jensen, Jakob Magid - Denmark
The long-term P and K depletion trial at Taastrup, Denmark
abs - pdf - poster Camilla Lemming - Denmark
Phosphorus fertilization of maize seedlings using side-band injected animal slurry
abs - n.a. - poster Jakob Magid - Denmark
CRUCIAL: a long-term field trial to assess waste recycling impacts on environment and productions system integrity
abs - n.a. - poster Paul Milham, Warwick Dougherty - Australia
Phosphate sorption by acidic soils
abs - pdf - poster Claudio Perez - Spain
Modeling phosphate adsorption on a Brazilian Oxisol
abs - n.a. - poster Verena Pfahler - Switzerland
Effects of plant uptake on the d-18O signature of phosphate
abs - n.a. - poster Emilia Rivero - Argentina
Spatial variability of phosphorus and its relationship with some of the chemical properties of soils in Argentina Republic
abs - n.a. - poster Marta Roboredo - Portugal
Using the anion exchange membranes to determine the phosphorus desorption of two distinct soils
abs - pdf - poster Alexander Shevtsov - Russia
Influence of different types of nitrogen fertilizers on barley's phosphorus uptake and phosphorus content in barley's tissues
abs - n.a. - poster Laetitia Six - Belgium
Combining organic and inorganic amendments to improve maize growth and phosphorus availability in phosphorus deficient soils in Kenya
abs - pdf - poster Elke Vandamme - Belgium
Phosphorus-efficient soybean germplasm as an entry point to soil fertility improvement in Western Kenya
abs - n.a. - poster Christoff Van Moorleghem - Belgium
Comparison of colorimetric analysis, ion chromatography, ICP and DGT for model phosphorus solutions and natural water samples
abs - pdf - poster Noura Ziadi - Canada
Soil P status under conventional and no-tillage systems in a long-term corn-soybean rotation conducted in eastern Canada
abs - pdf - poster Noura Ziadi - Canada
Soil P status following annual paper mill biosolids application in eastern Canada

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Phosphorus in water bodies oral
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu am Ken Irvine - Ireland - Keynote presentation
Phosphorus dynamics and impact in water bodies-standing on the shoulders of giants
abs - pdf - oral - Tu am Tegan Darch - UK
Phosphorus dynamics in buffer strip soils
abs - pdf - oral - Tu pm Jeroen de Klein - The Netherlands
Setting critical values for phosphorus loading in ditches and streams with an ecological model
abs - pdf - oral - Tu pm Petri Ekholm - Finland
Should we focus only on P load when aiming to reduce eutrophication in a P-limited aquatic system?
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Judith Hinger, Brian Kronvang - Denmark
Riparian buffers of small streams have larger phosphorus mobilization potentials than adjacent farmland in Eastern Denmark
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Charlotte Kjaergaard - Denmark
Predicting phosphorus release following wetland restoration
abs - n.a. - oral - Tu pm Brian Kronvang - Denmark
Bank erosion as a phosphorus source in a Danish river basin
abs - pdf - oral - Tu pm Douglas Smith - USA
Alternatives to tile risers for managing farmed depressions
abs - pdf - oral - Tu pm Eva Walpersdorf, Hans Christian B. Hansen - Denmark
Do iron(II) phosphates control phosphate solubility in anoxic soils and sediments?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Phosphorus in water bodies poster
abs - n.a. - poster Barbara Cade-Menun - Canada
Phosphorus characterization in freshwater lake sediments using 31P NMR spectroscopy
abs - pdf - poster Maria Luz Iglesias - Spain
Evaluation of phosphorus sediment remobilization in the Anllons River (NW Spain) using pH-stat kinetic leaching procedures
abs - pdf - poster Phil Jordan - Ireland
Observations from high resolution nutrient monitoring in rivers
abs - n.a. - poster Mari Raty - Finland
Seasonal and spatial changes in easily soluble P in buffer zones under different management practices in Finland
abs - n.a. - poster Mats Wallin - Sweden
Quantifying phosphorus transport in spring flow in two rivers in northern Sweden - implications for annual load estimates

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Joint Session IPW6 - COST 869 WG1:
Phosphorus mobilization and modelling at the field and catchment scales oral
abs - pdf - oral - We pm Elisabetta Barberis - Italy - Keynote presentation
Phosphorus mobilization at plot and field scale
xxx - pdf - oral - We pm Wim Chardon - The Netherlands
Introduction to COST 869
abs - pdf - oral - We pm Teresa Borda, Elisabetta Barberis - Italy
Processes involving phosphorus accumulation and losses in undisturbed soil columns
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Barbara Cade-Menun - Canada
Characterizing dissolved and particulate phosphorus in snowmelt runoff from cattle winter bale-grazing sites
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Faruk Djodjic - Sweden
Modeling nitrogen and phosphorus transport in a small agricultural stream in Eastern Sweden
abs - n.a. - oral - We pm Warwick Dougherty - Australia
Prediction of runoff P concentration on diverse soils using routine soil P tests
abs - pdf - oral - We pm Bettina Eichler-Lobermann - Germany
Effects of P fertilizing practices on soil P pools - temporal variations within a ten-year field experiment
abs - pdf - oral - Th am Peter Vadas - USA - Keynote presentation
Modeling field-scale phosphorus transfer: model strengths and weaknesses, gaps in knowledge, and the role for scientists
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Csilla Farkas - Norway
Process-based modelling of phosphorus losses from an agricultural dominated catchment in S-E Norway
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Chantal Gascuel-Odoux - France
Inter-comparison of suspended sediment and phosphorus fluxes and concentrations on two agricultural headwater catchments
abs - pdf - oral - Th am Andreas Gericke - Germany
Sediment delivery - Limitations of empirical models in Bavaria
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Nadia Glaesner - Denmark
Mobilization of slurry injected phosphorus during sequential irrigation and drainage cycles compared to continuous irrigation
abs - pdf - oral - Th am Gert-Jan Noij - The Netherlands
Ranking high P load risk fields in a lowland plain for mitigation measures
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Leszek Hejduk - Poland
Daily fluctuation of phosphorus and nitrogen concentration based on automatic measurements
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Pia Kynkaanniemi - Sweden
Horse paddock as a hot spot for P leaching in a small Swedish catchment
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Hanna Larsson - Sweden
Sensitivity analysis of the modified ICECREAM model to improve parameterization for Swedish conditions
abs - pdf - oral - Th am Shijie Li, Philip Jordan - Ireland
Phosphorus release and retention in Irish agricultural drainage ditches: a bed sediment P fractionation and EPC0 study
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Annika Lindvall - Sweden
The influence of soil and manure variables on phosphorus leaching from Swedish agricultural soils
abs - pdf - oral - Th pm Iggy Litaor - Israel
Assessment of phosphorus fertilizing practices in altered wetland soils using uncertainty analysis
abs - pdf - oral - Th pm Jian Liu - Sweden
Identification of processes controlling phosphorus leaching from a long-term field experiment using the ICECREAM model
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Yiannis Panagopoulos - Greece
Multiobjective optimization for the allocation of cost-effective BMPs at the watershed scale
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Paul Scholefield - UK
Spatial patterns of phosphorus in the Ribble and Wyre catchments, a source to sea approach
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Oscar Schoumans - The Netherlands
A new methodology to estimate Phosphorus LEAching from Soils to the Environment (PLEASE)
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Christian Stamm - Switzerland
Critical source areas - empirical evidence and consequences for implementation
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Laura Turnbull, Richard Brazier - USA/UK
Monitoring and modelling phosphorus dynamics during runoff events over a transition from semi-arid grassland to shrubland
abs - n.a. - oral - Fr am Hubert Tunney - Ireland
Phosphorus concentration in overland flow from grassland field plots
abs - pdf - oral - Fr am Barbro Ulen - Sweden
Phosphorus mobilisation and risk assessments in a small agricultural catchment with heavy clay soil
abs - pdf - oral - Fr am Caroline van der Salm - The Netherlands
Predicting phosphorus losses with the model PLEASE on a local and regional scale in Denmark and the Netherlands
abs - n.a. - oral - Fr am Mats Wallin - UK
Uncertainty analysis of the FyrisNP model for source apportionment of phosphorus and nitrogen in catchments

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Joint Session IPW6 - COST 869 WG1:
Phosphorus mobilization and modelling at the field and catchment scales poster
abs - pdf - poster Daniela Dana - Romania
Phosphorus fertilisation in Romania
abs - n.a. - poster Farida Dechmi - Spain
Adaptation of the Phosphorus Index to irrigated areas in the middle Ebro Basin. Las Filadas watershed case study (Huesca, Spain)
abs - n.a. - poster Isabel Diaz, Antonio Delgado - Spain
Spatial distribution of soil phosphorus and implications for catchment-scale predictions of losses in South Spain
abs - n.a. - poster Isabel Diaz, Antonio Delgado - Spain
Phosphorus loss and forms in overland flow from two representative catchments from southern Spain
abs - n.a. - poster Dominique Gartner - Switzerland
Regional assessment of phosphorus and trace metal accumulation in Swiss agricultural top soils due to manure application
abs - pdf - poster Maria Luz Iglesias - Spain
Phosphorus transfer across boundaries: From basin soils to river bed sediments
abs - pdf - poster Karin Johannesson - Sweden
Clay-bound phosphorus retention in wetlands - a catchment comparison
abs - pdf - poster Phil Jordan - Ireland
A model to predict soil P depletion to achieve agronomic and environmental objectives
abs - n.a. - poster Anders Lindsjo - Sweden
Pedotransfer functions to estimate mineral phosphorous fractions and dynamics in Swedish agricultural soils
abs - n.a. - poster Frank Schmieder - Sweden
Modeling the effect of buffer strips on surface losses of particulate phosphorus
abs - n.a. - poster Ahmed Skhiri, Farida Dechmi - Spain
Impact of farming practices on phosphorus transport in an irrigated watershed in the middle Ebro Basin (Spain)
abs - pdf - poster Maria Soare, Daniela Dana - Romania
The influence of nitrogen chemical sources from foliar fertilizers on P mobility in sunflower plant
abs - n.a. - poster Johan Stromqvist - Sweden
Modelling of hydrology and phosphorus losses in catchments - the importance of spatial and temporal scale
abs - pdf - poster Katie Tedd, Catherine Coxon - Ireland
Meeting EU Water Framework Directive groundwater quality objectives: the challenge posed by phosphorus in western Irish karst aquifers
abs - pdf - poster Karin Tonderski - Sweden
Oxygen isotopes in phosphate as a tracer for sources and pathways of catchment P in stream water
abs - n.a. - poster Fatima Troitino - Spain
P loss risk assessment by a modified P index method in the Fonte Espino river basin (Galicia, NW Spain)
abs - n.a. - poster David Wall - Ireland
Soil phosphorus management in agricultural catchments in Ireland
abs - n.a. - poster Ting Zhang - UK
Identification of phosphorus transport and delivery critical source areas at the headwater catchment scale using a fuzzy-rule-based model

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Monitoring phosphorus loss oral
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Lucy Burkitt, Warwick Dougherty - Australia
Phosphorus runoff risk from different fertilizer strategies using rainfall simulation and Bayesian modeling
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Marta Garcia Albacete - Spain
Risk assessment of biowaste application in agriculture: runoff phosphorus loss with simulated rainfall
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Kim Mack - UK
Monitoring phosphorus loads from headwater grassland catchments in the South West of England
abs - pdf - oral - Th am Ana Moreno Lamarca - Spain
Influence of soil management on phosphorus losses in olive orchards at the hillslope scale

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Monitoring phosphorus loss poster
abs - n.a. - poster Barbara Cade-Menun - Canada
A concurrent time and depth assessment of soil and leachate phosphorus in poultry manure-amended soil columns
abs - pdf - poster Pierre Castillon - France
Contribution of P supply to P losses from fields
abs - n.a. - poster Warwick Dougherty - Australia
Magnitude and duration of the 'incidental' fertilizer effect is influenced by soil P buffering properties
abs - pdf - poster Daniel Fiala - Czech Republic
Variability of phosphorus load from agricultural land in Part I: baseflow condition
abs - n.a. - poster Charlotte Kjaergaard - Denmark
Autumn tillage increases phosphorus leaching from fine textured soils
abs - n.a. - poster Debbie McConnell - UK
The effect of slurry application technique on phosphorus lossin overland flow
abs - n.a. - poster Kristian Persson - Sweden
Calculation of phosphorus losses from Swedish agricultural land in 1995 and 2005

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Mitigation options oral
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Rory Maguire - USA - Keynote presentation
Moving towards manure phosphorus mass balance in watersheds through pyrolysis to biochar
abs - pdf - oral - Th am Hans Estrup Andersen - Denmark
A web-based P index as a mitigation planning tool
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Patricia Chambers - Denmark
Defining phosphorus concentrations to prevent eutrophication of Canadian agricultural streams
abs - n.a. - oral - Th am Jessica Coad - Australia
Reducing/omitting phosphorus fertiliser inputs to reduce Australian dairy pasture soil phosphorous concentrations
abs - n.a. - oral - Th pm Clare Deasy - UK
Evaluation of constructed wetlands as mitigation options for phosphorus and sediment within UK agriculture
abs - pdf - oral - Th pm Arne Joelsson - Sweden
The Aquarius approach on mitigation of phosphorus losses
abs - abs - oral - Th pm Joshua M. McGrath - USA
In-situ treatment of agricultural drainage water using industrial by-products phosphorus sorbing materials
abs - pdf - oral - Th pm Alice Melland - Ireland
The Agricultural Catchments Programme; an environmental and socio-economic evaluation of the Nitrates Directive National Action Programme in Ireland
abs - pdf - oral - Fr am Wim Chardon - The Netherlands - Keynote presentation
Mitigation options implementation: from science to agricultural policy
abs - n.a. - oral - Fr am Philip Moore - USA
Reducing phosphorus runoff from biosolids with water treatment residuals
abs - pdf - oral - Fr am Ignatius Noij - The Netherlands
Effectiveness of unfertilized buffer strips in the Netherlands: field study results
abs - n.a. - oral - Fr am Gitte Rubaek - Denmark
Adapting agricultural practice to minimize P leaching
abs - n.a. - oral - Fr am Martyn Silgram - UK
Reducing risks associated with autumn wheeling of winter cereals

* * * * * * * * * * * * * Session: Mitigation options poster
abs - pdf - poster Helena Andersson - Sweden
The importance of subsoil properties for P leaching and selection of effective mitigation strategies
abs - n.a. - poster Cathal Buckley - Ireland
The double dividend from efficient nutrient management of phosphorous inputs on intensively farmed agricultural land
abs - n.a. - poster Jennine Jonczyk - UK
Proactive mitigation of nutrients at small catchment
abs - n.a. - poster Romulus Mocanu - Romania
Mitigation options of soil phosphorus losses by using organic-mineral fertilizers on slope soils from Romania

* * * * * * * * * * * * * NOT PRESENTED ???
abs - xxxx - oral Ralph Meissner - Germany
Long term lysimeter experiments about the influence of irrigation on phosphorus leaching
abs - xxxx - oral T.Q. Zhang - Canada
Crop growth and phosphorus loss in a clay loam soil amended with Enviropig low-P manure
abs - xxxx - poster Marianne Bechmann - Norway
Integrated mitigation strategy for phosphorus losses to the lake Vansjo, Norway
abs - xxxx - poster Martin Blackwell - UK
Effects of soil drying and rewetting on forms and quantities of phosphorus in leachate

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