Program of the COST 869 WG4 meeting in Ballater, Scotland, 26-28 April 2010

Click here for a list of 14 papers that were published in a special collection of papers, in issue 2, 2012, of the J. of Environmental Quality as an outcome of the meeting.

The list contains links to the papers itself, which are Open Access.

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n.a. = no abstract or pdf available yet; abs = abstract; pdf = pdf-version of presentation or poster

Abstract - pdf First or presenting author - Country / Title
* * * * * * * * * Session 1. Overview of buffer strip use, design, management and legislative tools across the EU
n.a. - pdf Marc Stutter - UK
Issues for the multi-functionality of riparian buffer strips
abs - pdf Laurent Nyffenegger - Switzerland
Overview of buffer strips in Switzerland
abs - pdf Anne-Grete Blankenberg - Norway
Buffer zones in Norway
abs - pdf Raffaella Balestrini - Italy
Nitrogen removal effectiveness in narrow buffer strips: some examples from the river Po catchment (Northern Italy)
abs - pdf Jaroslav Antal - Slovak Republic
Dimensioning of buffer strips in the Slovak Republic
abs - pdf Gabriele Weigelhofer - Austria
How do riparian buffer strips influence the nutrient uptake efficiency of small agricultural headwater streams?
* * * * * * * * * Session 2. Plot- to catchment-scale evaluations of buffer strip processes and effectiveness
abs - pdf Tegan Darch - UK
Modular approaches to the control of diffuse water pollution from agriculture: buffer zones, bioreactors, ditches and ponds
abs - pdf Johanna Frings & Sandra Schönemann - Germany
Function and effect of vegetated buffer strips on nutrient emission at tile-drained field sites
abs - pdf Andreas Matzinger - Germany
Buffer system implementation with increased infiltration and nitrate retention capacity - A case study from Brittany, France
abs - pdf Marc Stutter - UK
Are narrow vegetated riparian buffer strips functioning as a barrier against sediment and phosphorus in Scotland?
abs - pdf Jaana Uusi-Kämppä - Finland
A rainfall simulation study on P removal in buffer zones amended with Fe and Ca compounds
abs - pdf Rosemarie Hösl - Austria
Influence of linear flow structures on the effectiveness of buffer strips
abs - pdf Ararso Etana - Sweden
Water infiltration into soils under riparian buffer strips
abs - pdf Aurore Degré - Belgium
Representing grassed buffer strips’ hydrology in a regional scale model
abs - pdf John Quinton - UK
Buffering diffuse pollutants in agricultural catchments at the edge-of-field using constructed wetlands
abs - pdf Marius Heinen - The Netherlands
Measuring buffer strip efficiency under deltaic circumstances
abs - pdf Piet Groenendijk - The Netherlands
Modelling the effectiveness of unfertilized field edges in the Netherlands
* * * * * * * * * Session 3. Managing buffer strips for multiple pollution and biodiversity benefits
abs - pdf Davy McCracken - UK
Are environmental win-wins achievable on Scottish dairy farms?
abs - pdf Brian Kronvang - Denmark
Importance of stream and buffer zone characteristics for bank erosion and phosphorus inputs to surface water
abs - pdf John Dybkjær - Denmark
Diversity and distribution of riparian plant communities in relation to stream size
abs - pdf Jenni Stockan - UK
Evaluating the effectiveness of buffer strips using riparian plants and beetles as indicators
abs - pdf Brian Kronvang - Denmark
Seed germination from deposited sediments during high winter flow in riparian areas
* * * * * * * * * Session 4. Combining biophysical knowledge, socio-economics and practicalities
abs - pdf Bedru Balana - UK
abs - pdf Benjamin Christen - Denmark
Buffers for biomass - a review and synthesis of options and practicalities in Denmark
* * * * * * * * * Poster presented (alphabetic order of presenting author)
n.a. - pdf Martin Blackwell - UK
Phosphorus saturation of soils in agricultural riparian buffer strips
abs - pdf Daniela Dana - Romania
The impact of erosion control systems on soil losses in Perieni county
abs - pdf Tegan Darch - UK
Factors controlling organic and inorganic phosphorus speciation, and their retention and release kinetics in soils within agricultural buffer strips
abs - n.a. Judith Hinger - Switzerland
Riparian buffers of small streams have larger phosphorus mobilization potentials than adjacent farmland in Eastern Denmark
abs - pdf Iggy Litaor - Israel
The impact of buffer zones on the water quality of East Mediterranean streams
abs - pdf Jian Liu - Sweden
Catch crops for phosphorus
abs - pdf Frank Schmieder - Sweden
Modelling of the buffer strip effect on surface P losses from agricultural fields
abs - pdf Peter Strauss - Austria
Evaluating the effectiveness of buffer strips in the Austrian agri-environmental programme