This series of thirty-two best management practice (BMP) factsheets was developed by members of SERA 17.
The BMPs described in these factsheets can broadly be divided into three groups:
(1) BMPs that have an impact on the type or source of phosphorus (Source BMPs),
(2) BMPs that affect the transport of phosphorus (Transport BMPs), and
(3) BMPs that have an impact on both the source and transport of phosphorus (Source and Transport BMPs).

pdf - Barnyard/Feedlot Runoff Management
pdf - Composting Effects on Phosphorus Availability in Animal Manures
pdf - Conservation Tillage and Crop Residue Management
pdf - Constructed Treatment Wetlands
pdf - Cover crops
pdf - Dietary phosphorus Levels for Dairy Cows
pdf - Dietary Phytase to Reduce Phosphorus Losses from Animal Manure
pdf - Drainage Ditch Management
pdf - Erosion Control Systems
pdf - Filter Strips
pdf - Grassed Waterways
pdf - Grazing Management
pdf - Lake and Pond Treatment by Nutrient Inactivation
pdf - Management of Spray Fields
pdf - Manure Spreader Calibration
pdf - Manure Testing
pdf - Milkhouse Filters
pdf - Phosphorus Balance
pdf - Phosphorus Sources, Application Timing, and Methods
pdf - Physical Manure Treatment (Solids Separation)
pdf - Phosphorus Loss with Surface Irrigation
pdf - Reducing Urban Phosphorus Runoff from Lawns
pdf - Riparian Zones
pdf - Septic Field Drain Design and Maintenance
pdf - Soil Testing
pdf - Streambank and Shoreline Protection
pdf - Strip Cropping
pdf - Terraces
pdf - Treating Poultry Litter with Aluminum Sulfate (Alum)
pdf - Treating Swine Manure with Aluminum Chloride
pdf - Tailwater Recovery
pdf - Vegetative Mining