Program of the COST 869 final meeting in Keszthely, Hungary, 12-14 October 2011

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Abstract - pdf First or presenting author - Country / Title

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Day one - Wednesday
pdf Wim Chardon - The Netherlands
Look back to the action, and look forward to the meeting
abs - pdf István Ijjas - Hungary
European Union Strategy for Danube Region and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive

Reports from chairs of Working Groups of COST 869
pdf WG 1 - Phil Haygarth - Localization of critical source areas in catchments
pdf WG 2 - Petri Ekholm - Influence of nutrients on ecological processes in surface waters
pdf WG 3 - Oscar Schoumans - Mitigation options
pdf WG 4 - Brian Kronvang - Evaluation of projects in example areas

Introduction to discussion sessions by (vice-)chairs of Working Groups
pdf WG 1 - Iggy Litaor
pdf WG 2 - Petri Ekholm
pdf WG 3 - Oscar Schoumans
pdf WG 4 - Brian Kronvang

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Day two - Thursday

no oral presentations

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Day three - Friday

Summary of discussion sessions
pdf WG 1 - Ting Zhang
pdf WG 2 - Petri Ekholm
pdf WG 3 - Oscar Schoumans
pdf WG 4 - Brian Kronvang

Examples of River Basin Management Plans from different European regions
n.a. - pdf Pekka Paavilainen, Finland - Nordic
abs - pdf Poul Nordemann Jensen, Denmark - Mid/Western
n.a. - pdf Antony Lo Porto, Italy - Mediterranean

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Posters presented (alphabetic order of presenting author[*])
abs - n.a. Edit Ágoston-Szabó - Hungary
The nutrient reduction function of the Külso-Béda oxbow (Béda -Karapancsa / Danube Drava National Park, Hungary)
abs - pdf Marianne Bechmann - Norways
Integrated mitigation of diffuse phosporus losses for improved water quality of lake Vansjo
abs - pdf Luke Beesly - UK
Managing N, P, K excesses in soils, from applied fertilizers, using biochar
abs - n.a. Teresa Borda, *Luisella Celi - Italy
Do a simple water dispersion test and soil properties allow to evaluate and prevent the risk of eutrophication deriving from soil particulate P losses?
abs - n.a. János Busznyák - Hungary
High precision GNSS-GIS DEM to improve model inputs in catchment studies
abs - pdf Csaba Centeri - Hungary
Examination of soil and water quality along the Koppány valley habitat rehabilitation experimental area
abs - pdf Wim Chardon - The Netherlands
Removal of phosphorus from drainage water using an enveloped tile drain
abs - pdf Wim Chardon - The Netherlands
Removal of nitrate from drainage water using wood chips
abs - pdf Adrienne Clement - Hungary
Comparitive analysis of phosphorus load reduction measures
abs - n.a. Peter Csathó - Hungary
NP turnover studies on European and Danube basin levels
abs - pdf Sara De Bolle - Belgium
Predicting phosphorus losses with the model PLEASE in the acid sandy region of Flanders
abs - n.a. Antonio Delgado - Spain
Factors affecting the definition of critical source areas in Mediterranean areas
abs - n.a. Mária Dinka - Hungary
The role of Phragmites australis in nutrient retention at the Hungarian part of Lake Fertö/Neusiedler See
abs - n.a. Ana Maria Dodocioiu - Romania
Water quality in Jiu River basin
abs - pdf Rémi Dupas - France
Estimating N and P emissions to surface water at national scale: methodology and first results
abs - n.a. Ann Kristin Eriksson - Sweden
Potential phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) leaching from a clay soil with varied past levels of excessive P inputs
abs - pdf Daniel Fiala - Czech Republic
Seasonal variability of phosphorus concentration and yield: comparison of agricultural headwaters in the Czech Republic
abs - n.a. Chantal Gascuel - France
Catchment response on nitrogen input reduction: how to estimate it and what are the transfer time and the response time of headwater catchments ?
abs - pdf F. Troitińo / * Fernando Gil-Sotres - Spain
Phosphorus transport in the Fonte Espińo-Rego de Abellas watershed (Galicia, NW Spain)
abs - n.a. Kerem Güngör - Turkey
Identification of the phosphorus sources and the critical source areas: Yeniçaga watershed case study (Bolu, Turkey)
abs - pdf Claudia Hahn - Switzerland
Spatial validation of a rainfall-runoff-phosphorus (RRP) model
abs - pdf Josef Hejzlar - Czech Republic
Quantification of nutrient sources and setting up the strategy against eutrophication in the upper Vltava River basin (Czech Republic)
abs - n.a. M. Hennessy - Ireland
A farm scale sustainable nutrient management decision support system that estimates fertilizer replacement value of livestock manure using weather and soil moisture status
abs - n.a. Rosemarie Hösl - Austria
Contribution of drainage areas to P input of a small watershed in Upper Austria
abs - n.a. Janusz Igras, * Piotr Skowron - Poland
Estimation of emission of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds from polish agriculture to the Baltic Sea
abs - n.a. A. Kerebel - Ireland
Testing Hybrid Soil Moisture Deficit model data as a key component for a decision support tool for sustainable nutrient management
abs - pdf Steffi Knoblauch - Germany
Lysimeter cooperation to lowering nitrogen input into surface and ground water
abs - pdf Elena Kondrlová - Slovakia
Using GIS to locate critical resources of water reservoir pollution from agriculture
abs - n.a. Iggy Litaor / Moshe Shenker - Israel
The influence of eco-tourism and farming co-existence on the quality of East Mediterranean altered wetland soils and waterways
abs - pdf Jian Liu - Sweden
Potential of phosphorus (P) release from eight catch crops
abs - n.a. Ralph Meissner - Germany
Development of hydrological adaptation strategies with consideration of climate change and increasingly globalised markets
abs - n.a. Per-Erik Mellander - Ireland
Spatiotemporal variation in groundwater nitrogen and phosphorus in two agricultural river catchments
abs - pdf Ross Monaghan - New Zealand
Mitigation options for reducing nitrate leaching from grazed dairy pastures in southern New Zealand
abs - pdf J.R. Williams / * Paul Newell Price - UK
Managing slurry applications to minimise nitrogen and phosphorus losses in drainage waters from clay soils
abs - pdf Yiannis Panagopoulos - Greece
Measures, methodologies and tools for a sustainable agricultural management: Experience and preliminary results from Greek catchments
abs - n.a. Carmen Postolache - Romania
Spatial and temporal dynamics of nutrient fluxes in aquatic ecosystems of the Dambovnic catchment floodplains
abs - n.a. Stefan Preiner - Austria
Effect of hydrological connectivity on nutrient availability and primary production patterns in Danube floodplains
abs - n.a. Karl Richards - Ireland
Integrated approach to improving water quality in Ireland
abs - n.a. Karl Richards - Ireland
Using nitrification inhibitors to reduce nitrogen losses
abs - pdf Gitte Rubćk - Denmark
Interactions between agricultural practice, mobility and retention of P in soils
abs - pdf Caroline van der Salm / * Oscar Schoumans - The Netherlands
Application of the phosphorous leaching model PLEASE at the regional scale
abs - pdf Karol Sinka - Slovakia
Possibilities of regulation of surface outflow characteristics with change of soil surface roughness
abs - n.a. István Sisák - Hungary
Rills switch catchments into a higher P-load mode - a case study
abs - n.a. István Sisák - Hungary
Approximative P index calculation to predict total P in rivers of CEE countries
abs - pdf Dimitranka Stoicheva - Bulgaria
Influence of agricultural practices on groundwater quality
abs - n.a. Dominique Trevisan - France
A river-load oriented model to evaluate the efficiency of environmental policy measures against phosphorus losses
abs - pdf Jaana Uusi-Kämppä - Finland
Biomass harvesting decreases phosphorus runoff from frozen and thawed grass fields
abs - n.a. Patrik Wallman - Sweden
Linking scales in assessments of mitigation options for riverine nutrient reduction
abs - pdf Matthias Zessner - Austria
Advanced computation of nutrients flows in river catchments as decision support for development of programs of measures in Austria
abs - pdf Ting Zhang - UK
Determination of fuzzy-rules for modifying phosphorus delivery estimates with mitigation measures