Program of the COST 869 WG2 meeting in Keszthely, Hungary, 6-8 May 2009

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Abstract - pdf First or presenting author - Country / Title
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations (alphabetic order author)
abs - pdf Karl Jan Aanes - NO
Rehabilitation of an euthrophicated and regulated river
abs - pdf Agnieszka Bankowska - PL
Restoration of Zdworskie Lake (Poland) – restoration work and their results
abs - pdf Chris Barry - UK
Catchment nutrient sources and impacts in an Irish mesotrophic lake
abs - pdf Hana Cížková - CZ
Effect of eutrophication on the functioning of reed (Phragmites australis) dominated vegetation
abs - pdf Adrienne Clement - HU
Nutrient emissions in the Zala River Basin (Hungary)
abs - pdf Martin Dokulil - AU
Successful restoration of the shallow urban lake Alte Donau in Vienna: A case study based on bistable theory
abs - pdf Petri Ekholm - FI
Does agri-environmental erosion control abate coastal eutrophication?
abs - pdf Gerben van Geest - NL
Guidelines for restoration of floodplain lakes along large lowland rivers
abs - pdf Vera Istvánovics - HU
Long-term experience of eutrophication management in large and shallow Lake Balaton, Hungary
abs - pdf Ain Järvalt - EE
Restoration projects and biomanipulation (BM) practice in Estonia
abs - pdf Penny Johnes - UK
Nutrient management for ecological benefit at Barton Broad and Bosherston Lily Pools, UK – achievements, costs and long term sustainability issues
abs - pdf Andreas Kleeberg - DE
Case studies of lake restoration in NE Germany
abs - pdf Ádám Kovács - HU
Long-term relationship between soil surplus nutrient content and river water quality in Zala River catchment (Hungary)
abs - pdf Roos Loeb - NL
Stream restoration in the Netherlands – two examples differing in scale
abs - pdf Anne Mäkynen - FI
AQUATOX- Ecological Risk Assessment Model Case study: Nutrient study at Lake Pyhäjärvi
abs - pdf Jürgen Mathes - DE
The redevelopment and restoration programme for the Lakes of Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania (Germany)
abs - pdf Ami Nishri - IL
Water management practices in the drainage basin of Lake Kinneret, Israel
abs - pdf Gregor Ollesch - DE
Influence of mining safekeeping activities on hydrological situation and aquatic biocoenosis in a small catchment
abs - pdf Emil Rydin - SE
Lake Malmsjön restoration -dosing aluminium addition based on mobile sediment phosphorus content
abs - n.a. llkka Sammalkorpi - FI
Long term effects of aeration and biomanipulation on internal loading and cyanobacteria in Lake Tuusulanjarvi under a high external phosphorus load
abs - pdf Endre Sárkány Kis - RO
Water quality changes of the Romanian rivers in Transilvania after 1990 with special emphasis on the effects of agriculture
abs - pdf Martin Søndergaard - DK
Ecological response of 80 lake restorations in Denmark
abs - pdf Jean-Marcel Dorioz & Rémy Tadonléké - FR
Contrasted responses of three deep eutrophicated peri-alpine lakes to reduction of external phosphorus loading: some ecological processes and some social perceptions
abs - pdf Anne-Mari Ventelä - FI
Long-term experiences from the restoration of large and shallow Pyhäjärvi (SW Finland)

* * * * * * * * *

Posters presented
abs - pdf Jaroslav Antal - SK
Erosion as a source of sediment pollution
abs - pdf Michaela Beshkova - BG
Changes of the phytoplankton assemblage and related characteristics in the Srebarna Lake (Northeastern Bulgaria) after restoration activities
abs - pdf Elisabeth Bondar-Kunze - AU
Effect of enhanced water exchange on phosphorus dynamics and biological activity in an urban backwater system in Vienna (Austria)
abs - pdf Monika Krolová - CZ
Macrophytic vegetation in the littoral of Lipno reservoir (Czech Republic)
abs - pdf Ninni Liukko - FI
The Coherens 3d hydrodynamic model – a possible tool for the planning of lake management actions
abs - n.a. Kristel Panksep - EE
Biomanipulation and water quality changes of Lake Ülemiste (Tallinn, Estonia)