COST 869 - First authors of factsheets on mitigation options that can be contacted for comment:

A. Bannink (NL)
email - Bechmann, M. (NO)
email - Chardon, W.J. (NL)
email - Dana, D. (RO)
email - Delgado, A. (ES)
email - Dorioz, J.-M. (FR)
email - Garnier, M. (IT)
email - Gascuel, C. (FR)
email - Grizzetti, B. (IT)
email - Haygarth P.M. (UK)
email - Hofman, G. (BE)
email - Irvine, K. (IE)
email - Isermann, K. (GE)
email - Jørgensen, U. (DK)
email - Julien, P. (CH)
M. van Krimpen
email - Krogstad, T. (NO)
email - Kronvang, B. (DK)
email - LoPorto, A. (IT)
email - Newell-Price, J.P. (UK)
email - Rubaek, G.H. (DK)
email - Schoumans, O.F. (NL)
email - Strauss, P. (AU)
email - Taylor, M.J. (UK)
email - Turtola, E. (FI)
email - Ulén, B. (SE)

Co-authors of factsheets:

Bouraoui, F. (IT)
Braskerud, B. (NO)
Harris, D. (UK)
Jongbloed, A. (NL)
Le Bissonnais, Y. (FR)
Morvan, T. (UK)
Trevisan, D. (FR)
Vertès, F. (FR)