Papers from a special issue of the journal Agricultural and Food Science, entitled “Novel methods for reducing agricultural nutrient losses to water bodies”.

Four papers (marked with *) were presented during a workshop in the framework of COST 869, in Jokioinen, Finland, June 2010 (see Acknowledgements).

NOTE: all papers are Open Access, and can be found at : LINK
or via links below

Turtola, E., and W.J. Chardon. 2012. Preface [to special issue of AFS gathering current Finnish research on novel methods for reducing agricultural nutrient losses to water bodies]. Agric. Food Sci. 21:204-205. LINK

Klimeski, A., W.J. Chardon, R. Uusitalo, and E. Turtola. 2012. Potential and limitations of phosphate retention media in water protection: A process-based review of laboratory and field-scale tests. Agric. Food Sci. 21:206-223. LINK

Uusitalo, R., P. Ekholm, J. Lehtoranta, A. Klimeski, O. Konstari, R. Lehtonen, and E. Turtola. 2012. Ca–Fe oxide granules as potential phosphate barrier material for critical source areas: a laboratory study of P retention and release PDF. Agric. Food Sci. 21:224-236. LINK

Kirkkala, T., A.M. Ventelä, and M. Tarvainen. 2012. Fosfilt filters in an agricultural catchment: a long-term field-scale experiment. Agric. Food Sci. 21:237-246.

Uusi-Kämppä, J., A. Närvänen, J. Kaseva, and H. Jansson. 2012. Phosphorus and faecal bacteria in runoff from horse paddocks and their mitigation by the addition of P-sorbing materials. Agric. Food Sci. 21:247-259. LINK

Uusitalo, R., K. Ylivainio, J. Hyväluoma, K. Rasa, J. Kaseva, P. Nylund, L. Pietola, and E. Turtola. 2012. The effects of gypsum on the transfer of phosphorus and other nutrients through clay soil monoliths. Agric. Food Sci. 21:260-278. LINK

Ekholm, P., P. Valkama, E. Jaakkola, M. Kiirikki, K. Lahti, and L. Pietola. 2012. Gypsum amendment of soils reduces phosphorus losses in an agricultural catchment. Agric. Food Sci. 21:279-291. LINK

Jaakkola, E., S. Tattari, P. Ekholm, L. Pietola, M. Posch, and I. Bärlund. 2012. Simulated effects of gypsum amendment on phosphorus losses from agricultural soils. Agric. Food Sci. 21:292-306. LINK

Iho, A., and M. Laukkanen. 2012. Gypsum amendment as a means to reduce agricultural phosphorus loading: an economic appraisal. Agric. Food Sci. 21:307-324. LINK