Program of the COST 869 WG3 meeting in North Wyke, Devon, November 2007

n.a. = no abstract available; abs = abstract
pdf = pdf-version of presentation or poster

Abstract - pdf Country - First author
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations (alphabetic order)
abs - pdf BE - Charles Bielders
Effects of destruction and burial dates of cover crops on runoff, erosion and P losses in a maize cropping system
abs - pdf NL - Wim Chardon
Outcome of the inventory among COST partners regarding potential effective mitigation options
abs - pdf HU - Péter Csathó
Regulating the phosphorus turnover through the nitrate directive in the European union: a shameful anachronism in the 21st century [see also publication]
abs - pdf FR - Chantal Gascuel
Diagnosis and mitigation at different scales in France
abs - pdf UK - Phil Haygarth
Integrated approaches for mitigation control – one example from England and Wales
abs - pdf CZ - Josef Hejzlar
Phosphorus retention in semi-natural and modified reaches of agricultural streams
abs - pdf DE - Klaus Isermann
Protection spheres/goods and setting there aims/nutrient standards for C, N, P, S with special reference to the anthroposphere within the nutrition system and human health
n.a. - pdf DE - Ralph Meissner
A plan of management possibilities to secure good ecological status of water resources – an essential basis to develop River Basin Management Plans [short communication]
abs - pdf NL - Gert-Jan Noij
Dutch Framework for P mitigation options and their cost-effectiveness
abs - pdf UK - John Quinton
Mitigation options for phosphorus and sediment (MOPS): Overview and results of the first two years
abs - pdf UK - Karl Richards
A review of diffuse agricultural pollution control in Ireland: recent research and current legislation.
abs - pdf DK - Gitte Rubaek
Danish efforts to mitigate phosphorus losses from agriculture to surface waters
abs - pdf NL - Oscar Schoumans
Conclusions and how to go forward?
abs - pdf UK - Marc Stutter
The effects of mixed measures of best management practice and habitat restoration on streamwater nutrients at catchment scales (Tarland catchment, NE Scotland)
abs - pdf FI - Eila Turtola
Finnish trends in P balances, soil test P, and other factors behind agricultural P load to surface waters during the Agri-Environmental Programmes
abs - pdf SE - Barbro Ulén
Phosphorus from farmland to water in Sweden
* * * * * * * * * Poster presentations (alphabetic order of first author)
abs - pdf NL - Jan van Bakel
Controlled drainage: For all your water goals?
abs - pdf UK - Nick Bulmer
The survival of Faecal Indicator Organisms (FIOs) in soil following dairy slurry application to land by surface broadcast and shallow injection
abs - pdf UK - Jim Freer
Phosphorus, sediment and colloids transfers from grasslands - the GRASP project
abs - pdf Chili - Barbara Fuentes
Knowing your stuff - Mitigation before application
abs - pdf NL - Marius Heinen
Experimental determination of the effectiveness of unfertilised buffer strips in the Netherlands
abs - pdf UK - Chris Hodgson
Assessing the risk of farm management practices on stream FIO loads using an evidence based approach
abs - pdf FI - Jari Koskiaho
Multipurpose wetlands for agricultural water protection - guidelines of wetland planning and construction
abs - pdf CH - Frank Liebisch
Soil, plant and environmental indicators to minimize phosphate inputs in permanent grasslands
abs - pdf AU - Axel Mentler
Adsorption of glyphosate to Cambisols, Podzol and silica sand
abs - pdf NL - Caroline van der Salm
Mining soil phosphorous by zero P application: an effective method to reduce P loading to surface water?
abs - pdf NL - Caroline van der Salm
Influence of P-status and hydrology on phosphorous losses to surface waters on dairy farms in the Netherlands