References (co)authored by European experts, collected for COST action 869:

Mitigation options for nutrient reduction in surface water and groundwaters

This list was necessary for submitting the proposal, it contains references of experts that indicated that they want to join the Action. It can be extended by experts interested in the Action. Any contributions are thus appreciated, but please check first if a reference is not already on the list. If so, you could check if it can be updated (e.g. if it is mentioned as in press).

Do not send more than 5 recent titles per expert, both papers published in refereed journals and reports dealing with dissemination of results are welcome, since this COST Action also deals with practical aspects like applicability and acceptance by farmers of mitigation options!

If possible, use the format of J. of Environ. Quality (see examples below); if the original language is not English please give English translation of title, and add original language between brackets, e.g. for a paper written in Swedish:

First, A., B. Second, and C. LastAuthor. 2005. English translation of title. (In Swedish.) Source.

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References in alphabetic order:

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