Program of the COST 869 WG4 meeting in Waidhofen, Austria, 19-21 May 2008

n.a. = no abstract available; abs = abstract; pdf = pdf-version of presentation or poster

Abstract - pdf First author - Country / Title
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations Monday 19 May
abs - pdf Marc Stutter - UK
Retention and cycling of P in field edge buffer strips
abs - pdf Brian Kronvang - DK
Danish experiences with buffer zones to capture sediment and phosphorus
abs - pdf Jana Uusi-Kämppä - FI
The effects of vegetated buffer zones on erosion and nutrients in surface runoff
abs - pdf Carl Hoffmann - DK
Restoration of wetlands and their nutrient removal potential: Danish experiences
abs - pdf Per Stålnacke - NO
Effects of mitigation measures on nutrient loads in agricultural catchments in Norway
abs - pdf Josef Blum - CH
10 years experience with mitigation measures on the lake of Sempach
abs - pdf Anitas Sileika - LT
Influence of natural and agricultural factors on nitrogen leaching in catchments of small streams
abs - pdf Jeroen de Klein - NL
Retention of phosphorus and nitrogen in lowland river floodplains
abs - pdf Peter Strauss - AT
Influence of slurry application technique on P and N loading of drainage tiles
abs - pdf Josef Hejzlar - CZ
Inferred effect of soil drainage on nitrate concentration in streams in the Zelivka basin, Czech Republic
abs - pdf Gabrielle Weigelhofer - AT
PROFOR (Austria): Integrating the effects of stream structure on nutrient loading patterns in restoration concepts for heavily modified streams
abs - pdf Margarethe Finck - DE
Prognosis of groundwater nitrate pollution in the upper Rhine valley aquifer for land use scenarios and remedial actions
abs - pdf Klaus Isermann - DE
Sustainable mitigation and land use options for human health and environmental quality in respect to the nutrition system and the nutrients C, N, P, S
* * * * * * * * * Posters excursion Tuesday 20 May
n.a. - pdf Alexander Eder - AT
Evaluation of a discharge-sediment hysteresis model to calculate catchment sediment load
n.a. - pdf Peter Strauss - AT
Temporal effects of rainfall on P-transport of an heavily eroded Hungarian soil - A field rainfall simulation study
n.a. - pdf Alexander Eder - AT
Petzenkirchen - catchment
n.a. - pdf F. Feichtinger - AT
Lowering management intensity in agriculture - Groundwater protection [in German]
n.a. - pdf A. Scheidl - AT
Field lysimeter Petzenkirchen [in German]
n.a. - pdf Peter Strauss - AT
Influence of compost on soil erosion and surface runoff [in German]
* * * * * * * * * Oral presentations Tuesday 20 May
abs - pdf Heide Spiegel - AT
The relevance of P-soil analyses on combating P-losses
abs - pdf Daniela Dana - RO
Research on nutrient losses by runoff to various crops in Tarina Vale experimental polygon, Perieni
abs - pdf Michael Rode - DE
Impact of selected agricultural management options on the reduction of nitrogen loads in three representative meso scale catchments in Central Germany
n.a. - pdf Horst Behrendt - DE
Sources of diffuse N and P loads in the transboundary river systems of Danube and Odra and possible effects of mitigation measures to research the good ecological status
abs - pdf Sarah de Bolle - BE
The Manure decree as large scale measure to reduce nutrient loads in Flanders.
abs - pdf Aurore Degré - BE
Walloon action plan for nitrogen sustainable management in agriculture: Prospective modelling of nutrient transfer in surface water and groundwater
abs - pdf Philippe Merot - FR
Innovative tools for the assessment and management of rural basins to recover the water quality.
* * * * * * * * * Discussion WG3 Wednesday 21 May
abs - pdf Oscar Schoumans - NL